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Recent Races

5L at 2018 Round 2 Spring Cup TFR (1 riders)
1L at 2018 Round 5 Spring Cup TFR (1 riders)
20M+2L at 2018 Round 5 Spring Cup TFR (19 riders)
1L at 2018 Round 5 Spring Cup TFR (19 riders)
20M+2L at 2018 Round 5 Spring Cup TFR (21 riders)
1L at 2018 Round 5 Spring Cup TFR (21 riders)
5L at 2018 Round 5 Spring Cup TFR (6 riders)
5L at 2018 Round 5 Spring Cup TFR (2 riders)
5L at 2018 Round 5 Spring Cup TFR (5 riders)
5L at 2018 Round 5 Spring Cup TFR (4 riders)
5L at 2018 Round 5 Spring Cup TFR (3 riders)
5L at 2018 Round 5 Spring Cup TFR (1 riders)
5L at 2018 Round 5 Spring Cup TFR (1 riders)
5L at 2018 Round 5 Spring Cup TFR (2 riders)
5L at 2018 Round 5 Spring Cup TFR (1 riders)
5L at 2018 Round 5 Spring Cup TFR (1 riders)
5L at 2018 Round 5 Spring Cup TFR (4 riders)
5L at 2018 Round 5 Spring Cup TFR (4 riders)
Emilien Mabru |XTCFactory set the new track record at 2:20.257
5L at 2018 Round 5 Spring Cup TFR (2 riders)
5L at 2018 Round 5 Spring Cup TFR (1 riders)

Track Records

((((2014 Rythmvalley MX,Enduro, Extreme Enduro, SX))) 12:52.703Jordan Debruyne | Team BUD RACING
2012 Vurb Classic - Oatfield 1:34.078 damien meyer | Team BUD Racing
2013 EMF FrenchCup Rd1 : Bogny Sur Meuse 1:38.492 damien meyer | Team BUD Racing
2013 EMF FrenchCup Rd3 : Valence 1:58.257 damien meyer | Team BUD Racing
2013 EMF FrenchCup Rd4 : Castelnau De Levis 2:12.179ludo leblanc
2013 EMF FrenchCup Rd5 : Lacapelle Marival 1:49.203 damien meyer | Team BUD Racing
2013 EMF FrenchCup Rd7 : Romagne 2:02.382David Prevost | SkouadCrew
2013 Motosport World GP Rd 10: Kegums 1:46.742Marini Adrian | MarTiNi 3 | Magic Racing
2013_MXO.FR_Plomion.amateur 2:00.218David Debeaulieu|team BUD RACING
2014 FAMmx LocalCross Series - Round 2 - Green Acres Motocross 1:35.492Jordan Debruyne | Team BUD RACING
2014 FAMmx LocalCross Series - Round 3 - MotoPlex 1:46.656Moreau Christophe | Team MxRF
2014 FAMmx LocalCross Series - Round 5 - Brenny's Motorcycle Club 1:45.734guillaume flandin | FKF Motorsport
2014 FAMmx LocalCross Series - Round 6 - Prariedog Ranch 1:27.117 damien meyer | Team BUD Racing
2014 FAMmx LocalCross Series - Round 8 - Moto Valley 1:45.562Jordan Debruyne | Team BUD RACING
2014 Libre Sand 0:43.679Thomas jaz
2014 MXS GP Rd 09: St Jean D'Angely 2:02.390Marini Adrian | MarTiNi 3 | Magic Racing
2015 FAMmx RaceTech SX Series - Rd. 1 - Farmcross 1:15.546Russell Kruza/ instamoot
2015 FAMmx RaceTech SX Series - Rd. 2 - Rotary Park 1:48.414Thomas jaz | Team BUD RACING |
2015 FAMmx RaceTech SX Series - Rd. 4 - Las Vegas 1:31.578Marini Adrian | MarTiNi 3 | Magic Racing
2015 FAMmx RaceTech SX Series - Rd. 5 - RaceTech Stadium 1:08.546Niklas Blume | BLUME RACING
2015 FAMmx RaceTech SX Series - Rd. 6 - Clearview Ranch 1:22.875Victor Nicot | Silverskate #kcdq
2015 FAMmx RaceTech SX Series - Rd. 7 - Belford Park v2 1:11.164Josh Dougherty | Privateer
2015 FAMmx RaceTech SX Series - Rd. 8 - Hanson Baseball Field v2 1:41.992Fabien Mercier | SET Motorsport
2015 Italian Championship Rd 01: Odolo 1:59.226David Debeaulieu|Team BUD RACING
2015 Italian Championship Rd 02: Arco Di Trento 2:20.859David Debeaulieu|Team BUD RACING
2015 Italian Championship Rd 06: Cingoli 2:01.812 damien meyer | Team BUD Racing
2015 Italian Championship Rd 07: Mantova 2:18.851 damien meyer | Team BUD RACING | France Racing
2015 Motosport rF National Rd05: Highpoint 1:56.437Corentin Julian
2015 MotoSport rF National Rd08: Millville 2:06.070Victor Nicot | *eMc*/\/\
2015 Motosport rF National Rd09: Washougal 2:05.031Marini Adrian | MarTiNi 3 | Magic Racing
2015 Motosport rF National Rd10: Unadilla 2:14.648 Ludovic Coviaux | Team BUD RACING | France Racing
2015 Motosport rF National Rd11: Miller Motorsports Park 2:39.375Enzo Scaduto| Team BUD RACING | FranceRacing
2015 Motosport rF National Rd12: Indiana 2:08.289Marini Adrian | MarTiNi 3 | Magic Racing
2016 Australian Nationals Rnd 01 Horsham - Hosted by TM Factory Racing 1:51.757Marini Adrian | MarTiNi 3 | Magic Racing
2016 Australian Nationals Rnd 04 Murray Bridge - Hosted by TM Factory Racing 1:47.687Dorian Marrot | Gaming Sphere
2016 Australian Nationals Rnd 05 Wannaroot - Hosted by TM Factory Racing 1:48.851 damien meyer | Team Gaming Sphere
2016 Australian Nationals Rnd 06 Nowra - Hosted by TM Factory Racing 2:13.828 Ludovic Coviaux | Team BUD RACING | France Racing
2016 Australian Nationals Rnd 07 Connondale - Hosted by TM Factory Racing 1:36.468Enzo Scaduto| Team BUD RACING | FranceRacing
2016 Australian Nationals Rnd 08 Shepparton - Hosted by TM Factory Racing 2:00.726 Ludovic Coviaux | Team BUD RACING | France Racing
2016 Australian Nationals Rnd 10 Coolum - Hosted by TM Factory Racing 2:04.562David Debeaulieu
2016 Azote Design Compound 2:01.289Maxime Vanderbeek | Konnect M.
2016 FAMmx Fall Cup - Round 2 - Astoria Arena 1:18.085Benoit Krawiec
2016 FAMmx Fall Cup - Round 3 - Colona Civic Center 1:36.664Antoine Delestre | XTCFactory #PTDQ
2016 FAMmx Fall Cup - Sandlot Baseball Park Day 1:11.585Marini Adrian | MarTiNi 3 | Magic Racing
2016 FAMmx Fall Cup - Sandlot Baseball Park Night 1:13.085Nick Sellahn | Backyard Designs #GER
2016 MXS Italian Championship Rd 06: Paroldo 1:58.914Corentin Delaruelle | Cocow | *NLF*
2016 MXSON - Maggiora 2:02.039 damien meyer | Team BUD Racing
2016 rF Gaming National Rd01: Hangtown 2:05.054Anthony Rouillard|Magic Racing
2016 rF Gaming National Rd02: Glen Helen 2:18.156Benoit Krawiec | Team BUD Racing
2016 rF Gaming National Rd03: Thunder Valley 2:04.468Alexis Vanbrabant
2016 rF Gaming National Rd04: High Point 2:01.015Benoit Krawiec | Team BUD Racing
2016 rF Gaming National Rd05: Muddy Creek 1:42.437Fabian Goleo | AMJ Graphixx
2016 rF Gaming National Rd06: Red Bud 1:56.515Anthony Rouillard|Magic Racing
2016 rF Gaming National Rd07: Southwick 2:03.242Valtteri Tiainen | Evergood
2016 rF Gaming National Rd08: Millville 2:08.804Maxence GALLOT | Magic Racing
2016 rF Gaming National Rd09: Washougal 2:16.132Andre Santos
2016 rF Gaming National Rd10: Unadilla 2:12.414Anthony Rouillard|Magic Racing
2016 rF Gaming National Rd11: Budds Creek 1:54.570Benoit Krawiec | Team BUD Racing
2016 rF Gaming National Rd12: Indiana 2:02.710Anthony Rouillard|Magic Racing
2016 USGP: Charlotte (Prepped) 1:53.679Benoit Krawiec | Team BUD Racing
2016 World MXSGP Rd01 - Losail 2:06.898Tanguy Prost | Team BUD RACING | France Racing
2016 World MXSGP Rd02 - Valkenswaard 1:48.062Hunter Root
2016 World MXSGP Rd03 - Neuquen 1:43.765Dorian Marrot | MFG Racing
2016 World MXSGP Rd04 - Leon 1:38.992Arthur Doirat | Team [BFR] Breizh Factory Racing
2016 World MXSGP Rd05 - Kegums 1:39.117Mathieu Moisseron
2016 World MXSGP Rd06 - Teutschenthal 1:36.562Dorian Marrot | MFG Racing
2016 World MXSGP Rd07 - Pietramurata 1:46.593Dorian Marrot | MFG Racing
2016 World MXSGP Rd08 - Talavera de la Reina 1:41.882Dorian Marrot | MFG Racing
2016 World MXSGP Rd09 - Saint Jean d'Angely 1:42.820 damien meyer | Team BUD Racing
2016 World MXSGP Rd10 - Matterley Basin 1:46.929Dorian Marrot | MFG Racing
2016 World MXSGP Rd11 - Mantova 1:57.351Dorian Marrot | MFG Racing
2016 World MXSGP Rd12 - Loket 1:32.531Mathieu Moisseron
2016 World MXSGP Rd13 - Glen Helen 1:59.617Mathieu Moisseron
2017 DejaVu Compound MX 2:20.570 damien meyer | Team BUD Racing
2017 EMF World MXSGP Rd04 - Leon 2:13.914Jordan Debruyne | Team BUD RACING
2017 EMF World MXSGP Rd07 - Kegums 1:45.296Alexis Vanbrabant | MagicRacing |
2017 EMF World MXSGP Rd12 - Agueda (smooth) 1:58.234 Ludovic Coviaux | Team BUD RACING
2017 EMF World MXSGP Rd13 - Loket 1:55.906Enzo Scaduto | BUD Racing | TFR
2017 EMF World MXSGP Rd14 - Lommel 1:50.195Benoit Krawiec
2017 MotoSavage Amateur Nationals: Snap-Dick Raceway 1:55.820 damien meyer | Team BUD Racing
2017 MXGP - Lommel (Smooth) 1:46.960Fredrik Langagergaard | Atlas Technologies
2017 rF Gaming National Rd03: Thunder Valley 2:18.351Enzo Scaduto| Team BUD RACING | FranceRacing
2017 rF Gaming National Rd10: Unadilla Prepped 2:27.335David Debeaulieu|Team BUD RACING
2017 Shred Bud 2:13.140Emilien Mabru \\ XTCFactory
2017 TFR SX CUP RD1 ESX SUPERCROSS BY CONCEPTGRAFFMXS 1:48.929Anthony Rouillard|Magic Racing
2017 TFR SX CUP RD5 ESX VEGAS BY CONCEPTGRAFFMXS 1:31.148Anthony Rouillard|Magic Racing
2017 The Sandpit Track 1:46.593Jordan Debruyne | Team BUD RACING
2017.Freestone.Mx 2:33.054Jordan Debruyne | Team BUD RACING
2018 Round 1 Spring Cup TFR 1:43.656Benoit Krawiec | FLK |
2018 Round 2 Spring Cup TFR 1:38.507Benoit Krawiec | FLK |
2018 Round 3 Spring Cup TFR 2:37.921Emilien Mabru |XTCFactory
2018 Round 4 Spring Cup TFR 2:20.945Benoit Krawiec | BMT Racing
2018 Round 5 Spring Cup TFR 2:20.257Emilien Mabru |XTCFactory
AMA National: Unadilla - Erode Test 1 2:19.296Benoit Krawiec | Team BUD Racing
AMA National: Unadilla - Erode Test 2 2:26.796Maxence GALLOT | Magic Racing
BCMX: Sherwood forest mx 3:08.710Jordan Debruyne | Team BUD RACING
BGFX: Forest MX 1:58.617Quenot Luca| Skouad Creation |
boonies 2:31.046Tanguy Prost | Team BUD RACING | France Racing
Cattail Mx 2:49.453David Debeaulieu|team BUD RACING
CDTW: Monster Mountain Classic - presented by TMFR 2:27.609Benoit Krawiec
CHAMPIONNAT DE FRANCE ELITE 2017 - ROUND 3 - CASTELNAU DE LEVIS 1:58.156 damien meyer | Team BUD Racing
Endurance Team France 2018 5:35.578 damien meyer | Team BUD Racing
Endurance TFR 2017 2:15.859Fabian Goleo | AMJ Graphixx
FAMmx MotoVilla - Motocross Track 2:05.000 damien meyer | Team BUD Racing
FAMmx SX Compound Track 3 1:24.250 damien meyer | Team BUD RACING | France Racing
FAMmx SX Compound Track 4 1:10.460 damien meyer | Team BUD RACING | France Racing
Finale WinterCup TFR 2018 : Maxima Racing Test Track 2:02.437Benoit Krawiec | Fliktufluks
Finger Lakes MX Park 1:21.171Tyler Horvath | #4Billy
Forest Facility 1:51.765Fabian Goleo | TECHMOTO
Fun Race TFR 28-07-2016 : Perry's Private Compound MX1 2:05.398Dorian Marrot | MFG Racing
FUN RACE TFR : 2017 Acadia Raceway 1:32.351Anthony Rouillard|Magic Racing
HFA-SAND-MX 2015 1:53.281Dorian Marrot | Gaming Sphere
Holmen 2017 3:00.093Francis DEXET | Team BUD RACING | France RACING
JGMX: 2016 Fun Track 1:57.570Enzo Scaduto| Team BUD RACING | FranceRacing
JGMX: 2017 Wildside Designs MX 1:51.828Benoit Krawiec | Team BUD Racing
JGMX: Inspiration MX 1:45.085Francis DEXET | Team BUD RACING | France RACING
JGMX: Localcross RD2: Italian GP 2:11.609Fabian Goleo | Privateer
JGMX: Localcross Rd3: Roland Performance Test Track 1:52.539 damien meyer | Team Bud RACING
JGMX: Localcross RD4: Pine Lined Raceway 1:42.773Alexis Leclair | IZI Racing
JGMX: Milfville 2:08.000Tyler Walent | The Rutted News Channel
JGMX: Outlaws MX 1:48.539Emilien Mabru| XTCFactory
JGMX: The Flat Fun Track 1:45.734Tyler Horvath | | #4Billy
JGSX: 2016 Mellow Side SX 0:57.695Francis DEXET | Team BUD RACING
JGSX: Castle Rock Compound 1:08.539 damien meyer | Team BUD Racing
JKMX2 1:44.882 damien meyer | Team BUD Racing
Lofton Bluff Raceway 2:06.007Alexis Vanbrabant | MFG Racing
MC SMX 1:30.492Enzo Scaduto | BUD Racing | FranceRacing
Mission Valley Tres 2:10.648Benoit Krawiec | Team BUD Racing
Mx CUP TFR 2016 : Ernee 2:00.695Anthony Rouillard|Magic Racing
Mx CUP TFR 2017 : Cassel 2:10.976Jacob Holgersson | MFG Racing | MXGP
Niklas Sandbox National 1:45.523Thomas jaz | Team BUD RACING |
Raceway Park 2016 1:58.023 Ludovic Coviaux | Team BUD RACING | France Racing
RandyRaceway 3:09.187 Ludovic Coviaux | Team BUD RACING | France Racing
Red River 1:43.195Ludovic Coviaux | Team BUD RACING
Rezzato 1:43.296 damien meyer | Team BUD Racing
Round 05 FranceRacing Mx Championship 2017 : Valkenswaard2013 1:40.843Benoit Krawiec | Team BUD RACING
Round 1 FranceRacing MX Championship 2017 : Hostile Hills 1:51.242Benoit Krawiec | Team BUD Racing
Round 1 FranceRacing MX Championship : Toowoomaba 1:51.109Victor Nicot | selfie
Round 1 WINTER CUP TFR 2018 : Deja Vu Coumpound 2:05.312Fabian Goleo | TECHMOTO
Round 2 FranceRacing MX Championship 2017 : MillCreek 2014 1:53.773Moreau Christophe | Joe Bar Team
Round 2 FranceRacing MX Championship : JGMX:Inspiration MX 1:28.132Clement Lana
Round 2 WINTER CUP TFR 2018 : Forest Facility 1:56.601Fabian Goleo | TECHMOTO
Round 3 FranceRacing MX Championship 2017 : Oatfield 1:24.007Moreau Christophe | Joe Bar Team
Round 3 FranceRacing MX Championship : AUSMX Coolum 1:46.843Dorian Marrot | MFG Racing
Round 3 WINTER CUP TFR 2018 : Blind Lizard Raceway 1:42.921Benoit Krawiec
Round 4 FranceRacing MX Championship 2017 : Genk 1:39.515Quenot Luca| CleverSchool |
Round 4 FranceRacing MX Championship : Romagne 1:59.671Jason Sole | Magic Racing#Goon
Round 4 WINTER CUP TFR 2018 : Valley View 2:36.820Benoit Krawiec
Round 5 FranceRacing MX Championship : Appin 1:39.117Dorian Marrot | MFG Racing
Round 5 WINTER CUP TFR 2018 : JGMX: European Sand Track 2:04.796 Damien Meyer | BUD Racing
Round 6 FranceRacing Mx Championship 2017 : St Jean D'Angely 1:32.578Benoit Krawiec | Team BUD RACING
Round 6 WINTER CUP TFR 2018 : Sky Fall MX 1:43.734Benoit Krawiec
Round 7 FranceRacing Mx Championship 2017 : Millville 2013 2:02.414Benoit Krawiec | Team BUD RACING
Round 7 FranceRacing MX Championship : Lacapelle Marivale 1:43.320Alexis Vanbrabant | Burritos Racing
Round 7 WINTER CUP TFR 2018 : The Sand Dingle 1:38.210Benoit Krawiec
Round 8 FranceRacing Mx Championship 2017 : Washougal 2013 1:56.203Quenot Luca| CleverSchool |
Round 8 FranceRacing MX Championship : Valence 1:50.101Alexis Vanbrabant | Burritos Racing
Round 8 WINTER CUP TFR 2018 : Fryedro's Hydro Station 2:30.664Jason Sole
Round 9 FranceRacing MX Championship : JGMX Fun Track 1:50.734Moreau Christophe | Team MxRF
Round 9 WINTER CUP TFR 2018 : UnearthingMX 1:56.507Benoit Krawiec
Round 10 FranceRacing MX Championship : JGMX Italian GP 2:11.031Alexis Vanbrabant | Burritos | MFG Racing
Sandy Mine SuperMoto 2:33.531Teddy-bruno | Team BUD RACING |
Shale Valley Raceway 2017 2:11.265Benoit Krawiec | Team BUD Racing
SKComp 1:37.570Corentin Julian | Konnect Motosport
StJudesRND2 - Burnsville MX by Checkerz448 2:11.453 Ludovic Coviaux | Team BUD RACING
The Mountain Mx 1:22.585Alban Dubois l XTCFactory
Timber Ridge Raceway 1:44.625Dorian Marrot | MFG Racing
Varberg 1:45.507 damien meyer | Team BUD Racing
WDMX: MotoSavage Slaygrounds 2018 2:09.531Kristian Baso | Meta
WichfarmMX 1:24.101Benoit Krawiec
Woodland Raceway 1:18.007 Ludovic Coviaux | Team BUD RACING | France Racing
Zwaanhof - Comines ( Real track in Belgium ) 1:54.953Benoit Krawiec | Team BUD Racing
Zwaanhof - Comines ( Real track in Belgium ) - MUD VERSION 1:57.023Benoit Krawiec | Team BUD Racing


1100.00*28Luke Heberlein | SplitFire
2100.00*20Chase Blakely | BPC Husqvarna
3100.00*5ryan's a bitch
4100.00*114Dom Aggett | Konnect Motosport
5100.00*1Damiun Lilurd
6100.00*477Frederik Van Eeckhoven | Racing
7100.00*17Radek Cerveny | Czech Republic Racing Team |#17
8100.00*237Bryan Hedge | FCTN #EastCoastIsToast
9100.00*140Brett Powers | DonutMX
10100.00*279Dustin Mitchell
11100.00*217Jon man
13100.00*475Samme|Biltema Racing
14100.00*155Benoit Fedorezenko
15100.00*Florian Poizot
16100.00*738Jeremy Mowry
17100.00*911Teagueman | ADD Graphics
18100.00*192Kalle Garpedal
19100.00*111Riley Haagsma
20100.00*582tyler castongia|
21100.00*386Ludwig Seiholm | Privateer
22100.00*230Lars Baso
23100.00*Leo.G #8
24100.00*18Kyle Carter
25100.00*224Tyler Walent | The Rutted News Channel
26100.00*835Kiefer Martin
27100.00*222Michele Torresan Bee Jay #223
28100.00*305RASMUS RAABY#305/ RR Graphic Mxsim Team
29100.00*529Jordan Smith|Burt&Billy Racing
30100.00*47Kieran Steele | Muscle Milk Honda
31100.00*Luke Molter - MidwestRacing
32100.00*Donovan Paladino
33100.00*719beau delobelle|privateer
34100.00*215Matt Hill | yardn
35100.00*172Brandon Cocroft | Never Summer Industries
36100.00*Greg Conrad | Team CycleWorks #StandWithScotty
37100.00*201Benito Sidoli
38100.00*93GUEBEl93/JYT Racing
3995.98381Tyler Horvath | | #4Billy
4095.65*385Christoffer Jonsson | TM-Factory Racing EU
4191.67*27Andre Santos | MadCape
4291.6455Gerhard Osos |
4391.104Mathieu Moisseron
4490.48*76James Ohashi | 5 Eleven Designs
4589.13*453Jannik Blume | BLUME RACING
4688.89*800Lilian Dahlem | Privateer
4788.247Alexis Leclair | IZI Racing
4887.50*681Logan Carter | Privateer
4987.50*489Jp emond
5087.50*400Zach Cohen
5186.36*55R Kras /NL| Fifty Eight Designs
5285.71*143Johnny Dunlop
5384.75*31Matt Aggett | Architech
5483.78*259Rasmus Balzer | Stance
5583.33*99Didier Truphemus
5683.33*114David Mittring I MXZELL Racing
5783.33*277Alec Cattenburg
5982.8717Thomas Baptiste | TechEvo/Frisk.D
6082.67*30Michael Buitendijk
6182.1710Jacob Holgersson | MFG Racing | MXGP
6281.48*107Marcus Andersson
6381.48*149Norlander I RVL racing team
6480.00*892Jens Osterman I Race Nation Designs
6580.00*nyasha musariri|MR factory racing KTM
6680.00*525Charlie MeanS | HD Designs
6780.00*421Christian Burdine | Crushed MX
6880.00*267Timmy Karlsson| Cycle Trader Yamaha
6980.00*121Jeremy Kinson | Goon Racing
7080.00*237Xylian Ramella
7279.5557Logan Depaty | FCrew/Twola
7379.41*688Stijn ten Elshof |688| TBM Designs
7479.25*58Fredrik Langagergaard | Atlas Technologies
7578.79*380Florian Depardieu|RH-Factory
7678.69*218Justin "Big"wood | MMoto Yamaha
7778.46*11Ben Seaburg | RFX KTM
7878.39372Lucas STOLL
7977.78*336Erik Lange | Backyard Designs #GER
8077.78*851*old beat down ox* murray 851
8177.78*3Ows454|122 motorsports
8277.20132Antoine DOUAY
8377.04177Brodie James | TechEvo\Frisk.D
8476.85131Clement Vasseur | MTFactory
8576.79*299Tristan Botteram| TBM Design
8676.47*147Khamar Glover
8776.34114Arthur Doirat | Team Singletracks
8875.4711Jannik Mueller
8975.00*115Fonmarty | #115 | MX24 | FR
9075.00*348Fabien Veyrie I Biomix
9275.00*350Mick Skezz
9375.00*321Morris Vasser | Northwest Racing
9475.00*Jon Musche
9675.00*190Jack Gatland | Apex Motorsports
9775.00*722Henrik Dahlgren
9875.00*613Edward Heather
9975.00*33michael lacore| BUSTY MILFS
10074.12*23Maxime Prudhomme #23 / Skouad Creation
10174.11291Geoffrey Gil | Magic Racing
10273.9854Morgan Marlet | Vitamin Water / SYS Racing
10373.91*74Colton Durand
10473.80113Maxence GALLOT | Magic Racing
10573.26152Thibault Mocquard | Bobby Racing
10672.7443Benoit Krawiec
10772.73*76Frederick Nylund | Adept
10872.73*656Niklas Blume | BLUME RACING
10972.73*299Antony Maso
11072.73*3Aurelien De Clerq
11171.88*501Reto Gasser | RFX KTM
11271.59*441Lapalme | #441 | CLEVER SCHOOL
11371.43*122Kieran Evans | Seven MX
11471.43*2sam simmons
11671.43*824Ryan Neale | MDC.
11771.375Jason Sole | cherche team
11871.12621Hugo Cressent | MTFactory | Youtube>MxWayGamer
11970.70800Jordan Lacoste
12070.00*161Jarad Lunsford #rip558
12170.00*472jake perry
12369.9531Adrien Saguez l Btwin School SL685
12469.57*10Valtteri Tiainen | Evergood
12569.33243Johan Roger | BUD Racing
12669.23*353Jonas Comfort
12769.23*9Luca Hanfeld
12869.23*51Louis Bunday I CLC Yamaha
12968.9882Stany Debruyne | TECHMOTO
13068.83125Gregory Herve | Mickeylangelo
13168.75*73seanm73| Privateer
13268.63923Andrew Massart | K&M Racing
13368.5512 Damien Meyer
13567.80*121Nick Sellahn | Backyard GFX #savage
13667.79267Etienne Bernard | MTFactory
13767.7198Sebastien Durand | Vitamin water / SYS Racing Yamaha
13867.69*734Flo Lucasson | FCrew/Twola
13967.40122Alexis Vanbrabant | TECHMOTO
14066.86859Alban DUBOIS \ XTCFACTORY
14166.721Alexandre Gibaud | Konnect Motosport
14366.67*314Cayden Thompson #314
14466.67*223Flavien Clementine|TeamTechMoto|Fr
14566.67*10jean francois delapierre
14666.67*351Payson Johnson | Motoplayground
14766.67*415Cody Schat
14866.67*412El Chapo
15066.67*480sean kimber
15166.67*141Nate Tunnell
15266.67*36Tyler L. Schmidt | TBR
15366.67* ze Joe Motocross
15466.67*190Dimes Pavluchenkov | Privateer
15566.67*999Joe Motocross
15666.67*775Liam Barrah | 775
15766.67*397Corbin Kaehler
15866.3816Fabian Goleo
15965.9460Anthony Rouillard|Magic Racing
16065.8739Emilien Mabru |XTCFactory
16165.62*200Tim LelongDeTonCu | Rachid | Azote'D
16265.4915Anthony Bernard | Magic Racing
16365.4811Maxime Vanderbeek | MFG Racing
16465.4610steve akman / team tc222
16564.71*199Chase McDonald
16664.66731Anthony Rigaudiere\Magic Racing/
16764.52*313Casey Tynan | Privateer
16864.34250Hugo Lienard | TECHMOTO
16964.29*34Remy Gourdon
17064.13161Clement Rebillon | Magic Racing | iDozeax
17164.01167Kane Florian Magic Racing
17263.64*900Bradley Flagg | NextLevel Racing
17363.33*94Alexandre Baile
17463.25117Mick Branderhorst | Privateer
17563.16*107Vincent Manouguian | MxGR
17663.16*99Vito Lavopa
17762.96*597Wikstrom I RVL Racing Team
17862.96*100Jordan Shaheen | United | TheDuckIsLit
17962.89941Dorian George | MTFactory |
18062.8538Morgi Fabreguettes
18162.67*114Fedemx114 - EBR Team
18362.50*204Mozart? | TavellaBrosRacing
18462.50*150Panos Konopiso #150 honda
18562.50*17Jeffrey Robichaud \ Barbin Racing \ #17
18662.003Marini Adrian | Martini 3 | Team BUD RAcing
18761.90*411KentuckyWild|DM Slide Breaker
18861.87338Eddie Ozel | Honda Geico
18961.72945Quenot Luca| CleverSchool |
19061.70*444Connor Nolan | RithMX
19161.70*322Mads Balzer | Atlas Technologies
19261.69119Gauthier Dubois | MTFactory
19361.5451Maxime Tison
19461.54*128Todd Johansson \ Tryfect Racing #128
19561.52103Tanguy Prost | XTCFactory
19661.1961Florent Lambillon | MFG Racing
19761.18969Corentin Mabru||XTC Factory
19860.82909Sebastien COUSSET | bastou17 | RH Factory
19960.80244David Debeaulieu | BUD Racing
20060.61*14Travis Fogarasi | FOGARASI RACING
20160.5899Matthieu Lemoine | Team BUD RACING
20260.32894Jente Akkermans| TBM Design
20360.3290Valentin Boite|Team Single Tracks
20460.31634Corentin Julian | Konnect Motosport
20560.09544Antoine Delestre | XTCFACTORY
20660.00*2252 stroke 4 life
20760.00*15Jason van Hoof
20860.00*77steven archibald
20960.00*752Greg van Hoeve | 752MX | MotocrossRacingOnline
21060.00*100Dillon Burrell
21160.00*101Critical Joint | 2 Nutz Racing
21260.00*103RDJ JOSH |Team JYT RACING
21360.00*964Rob Claassen | JTX KTM RACING
21460.00*772Triston Loeman | Orange Brigade KTM
21559.91814Dorian Marrot
21659.7717Theo Charpentier | TECHMOTO | MX2
21759.73377Enzo Scaduto | BUD Racing | TFR
21859.6548Luca Tirone | Beuzi Team 48
21959.43399Emeric Richard | Azote'D
22059.38*20Marcus Levin #20
22159.04123Dorano Plevoets
22258.82*24Joaquin Morales / SpanishMxgamers / Road2sx
22358.80101Aymerick DUPONT | MFG Racing
22458.5759Reid Young | DirtShark
22558.53321Jordan Debruyne
22658.33*151Simen Birck
22858.33*901Egert Veltson | JNR Motorsports
22958.33*114Felix | Team Falukorv
23258.1999David Prevost
23357.89*312Josh Dougherty | Privateer
23457.69*17Julian Belly | J3K Racing
23557.58*520morel benjamin | CLEVER SCHOOL
23657.5644Simon Pedrono | Slice Graphic's
23757.55259Matthias Havy | MXSimulatorEmag
23857.45*132Diogo Pereira
23957.2691Jeffrey Wilmart
24057.14*90Grant Harlan
24157.14*5Gustav Eriksson|
24257.12821Valentin Van | Slice Graphic'S
24357.1269Clement "La Fusee" Lana
24457.02737Christophe Vander Beken | TBX magic
24556.9329Fabien Mercier
24756.73811Loic Lassence
24856.65714Sebastien Petit | Bobby Racing
25056.52*82Aurelien van de kapelle |FKF Motorsport
25156.38629Harry Craig|BCRacing|RTO|43
25256.25*61Connor Dickens
25356.20238Octavien Pelloin | Konnect Motosport
25456.11125Thomas Bento | FutChamps C'est de L'eau
25556.02104Arnaud Poncelet | Ponza | AMJ Graphixx
25655.88*142Marcus Beasley | Vans Suzuki
25755.88*17cooper webb
25855.84535Corentin Delaruelle | Cocow | Vitamin Water / SYS Racing Yamaha
25955.76189Moreau Christophe
26055.69203Maxime Roussel | Skouad
26155.56*22Hunter Friesen \ JGR Autotrader Yamaha
26255.56*159Lee Wharton #159
26355.50522Fernandes Mathieu | TechMoto
26455.26*777Archie Hicks | Rith Mx
26555.0446Paul Vieira Da Silva|MxRF|CFS
26655.00*77Erik Halias
26755.00*111Teddy Chieffi
26854.8915Stephane Guido | Vurbmoto
26954.84*Dieter Willemse
27054.7674Jordy Lesimanuaja | LFT
27154.63101Erwan Leballais || XTC Factory
27254.55*219Kevin Massart |
27354.55*272Wristin Grigg | Gate Racing
27454.55*567Jason Felkey | BGFX
27554.2337Jules KERNAONET|JKProduction|Rampage Team #711
27654.23751Clement Lechevalier | Slice Graphic's
27753.95233Quentin Vasseur | XTCFactory
27853.8371Bruno Gouttesoulard | FLK |
27953.54994Nolan Serves | MxRF | SL#685
28053.41*125Quentin Culot
28153.33747Christophe Talisker | MTFactory
28253.33*824Lilian Oury I iCoDfactory I #824
28353.12*48Dylan Ogilby | JT Designs
28453.12*198Jesper Hansson | HGracing
28553.07193Ludovic Leblanc | NL Racing
28652.63151Steven Maginot
28752.54*810Crnjanski Yann | Fcrew/twola
28852.43888Jan Bidaubayle/scruby/RHF
28952.24Axel Pinto | Energy Mx Team
29052.17*55Keanu Huybrechts|Looking for a team
29152.17*209Tim Vogt|Privateer #209
29252.14116Roy Cuijpers | Fifty Eight Designs
29352.02117Gaetan Pich
29452.00*114Anton Stenberg
29551.85*208Jasper van Gorp
29651.84142damien auffray | Team Singletracks
29751.71677Jean Michel Bocquet |Delta
29851.69917Valery Dupont | JoeBarTeam
29951.57716Lucas Sellier | Team SingleTracks
30051.52143Axel Chotin | Magic Racing
30151.35*94Taylor Duke / Team ACC/MMX74
30251.26832Johann Letestu| CLEVER SCHOOL
30351.25366Fred Debeaulieu | BUD Racing
30451.20276Jeremy POSTEL / Rampage Team #276
30551.14200Thomas Jaz |FLK|
30651.12732Fabio Guido | AKEN Visuals
30751.03852Jonathan Buquet | Bobby Racing
30850.97214Theo F. | MFG Racing
30950.9642Tim Louis | TSL Design TL Racing.MxS Team
31050.87978Yannick Biche
31150.19524Ferreira Antony |Privater | Twitch bambi_twitch
31250.00*109Geraud Vasselin | AMJ Graphixx
31350.00*32Colten Savage|GYTR Yamaha
31450.00*614Matthew Kozlowski
31550.00*95Logan Leitzel | TM-Factory Racing
31650.00*21Damien Hynd
31750.00*15Dean Wilson
31850.00*88JACOB WALKER
32050.00*94Hugo Dewald
32150.00*300Jeremy Ollivier
32250.00*374Jay Turner | Privateer
32350.00*848G.Siles | Facebook/ Spanish MX Gamers
32450.00*222Andrew Peakman
32650.00*174Joulyan Ory#174/FR/TEAM?
32750.00*758Breakneck #758
32850.00*27Kurtis Thiele
32950.00*17Patrick Ceccato | Privateer
33150.00*87BJ Dickens 87 |Blizzard mx
33350.00*567Dan | RideLife | GotDank?
33450.00*47Tyler Fogarasi | MotoPro Graphics
33550.00*787Martin Gustawsson
33650.00*905Russell Kruza/ instamoot
33750.00*19Chris Watts | ADD Graphics
33850.00*211Dylan Bartle | Privateer
33950.00*564Gingin (look it up)
34050.00*22Josh Cabral
34150.00*956Sandqvist | DinMC Motul Monster
34250.00*203Tuomas Vauhkonen | PRIVATEER
34350.00*267Brxxse Murphy|Team CycleWorks #StandWithScotty
34450.00*20romain cochez
34550.00*793wellzee | CrushedMX
34650.00*549JACK BOSTON
34850.00*51 Samuel51
34949.80954Kevin Maton | BMT Racing
35049.66121Maxime Lassence
35149.57110Daniel Cooper | RFX KTM
35249.56669Mika De Souza | Click'Air Suspension
35349.23*14Maikel Pichon | SPANISH MX GAMERS
35448.94*741Rene Rosin | JNR Motorsports
35548.89*78CREPIN Quentin | CFR Crepin Factory Racing | NUMBERS 78
35648.8786Maximilien Jannot |
35748.7554Robin Giraud |RH-Factory| *Binbin*
35848.65997Florian coruble | CMS Racing
35948.48*119AGUETTAZ Sebastien | MX911
36048.48290jeremy monceu/ 2 fast
36148.45217Kevin Rouanne | J3K Racing
36248.451Victor "La Legende" Nicot
36348.39853Leo Ozel | Bobby Racing
36448.16290Julien Lepetit | Team Singletracks
36548.04571Spencer Brooking | #571 FlexMoto
36648.01910Guillaume Maquignon | Pro circuit
36747.75256Leo Enegard #256 | VCR
36847.62*5Simon Meulendijks
36947.22128Adrien PRIETO | J3K Racing
37047.06*199Nathan Bullins | K&M Racing
37147.0165Theo Bultel
37246.67572Carlo Pelle |Magic Racing |
37346.67*22brice denis l iCoDfactory/#22
37446.67*221Andrew Lipsett | Geico Honda
37546.41163Tony Leger | TECHMOTO
37646.39557Logan Toucheque | MFG Racing
37746.19922Antoine Thibaud
37846.15319Thomas Brossard
37946.15*411Alexander "AquaZ" Lagerkvist | DeCal Works
38046.15*929Jordan Edgington
38146.15*154Rhys Harris | NovaGFX
38245.8736Loris Modard/Privater#36
38345.83*420Teo Vital |
38445.61*259jerome Barrault CLEVER SCHOOL
38545.45*78Damien Sanzey
38645.45*999Griffo | RFX Kawasaki
38745.45*397Nick Skakun | STHEART Clothing
38845.45*262Blake Kibler| Vave Fc
39045.40707fabrice avice Magic Racing
39145.21318rudy legeay / MXPYRO
39245.1921Ludovic Coviaux | BUD Racing
39345.16*13Beuz #13
39445.0354Anthony Montana | PRiVATER
39545.00*27Martin Ludvik | Czech Republic racing team |#27
39644.87912Steven Riant | STAB Racing
39744.8519Oscar SCHULLER
39844.44*155Aaron Hall l Architech
40044.44*504Matthias Thijsen | Seven MX
40144.44*692Danne"HULK" Karlsson | Karlstroms Motor
40244.29*95Morgan Raout [FR] Privateer #95
40344.27227Theo Pruvost | XTCFACTORY
40544.1272Francis DEXET | BUD Racing
40644.04333kevin hergle| J3K Racing
40744.00*76Danny van Hoof | DVT Media
40843.92660Samuel Roche | TechEvo/Frisk.D
40943.88429Kevin Elliau | J3K Racing
41043.8244Quentin Revelle|Azerty116|Team Rampage|open
41143.75*33Ruteski Racing | 33
41243.75*9Damien Renard|TechEvo/Frisk.D
41343.75*243Austen Bennett | BUD Racing Yami
41443.75*113Maxime Baudouin | AMJ Graphixx
41543.5633Lutz Meyer
41643.41637Axel Dieu | Clever School
41843.22112evann corvisier |CDS Racing|#112|FR|
41943.13112Corentin Mary | AMJ Graphixx
42043.02*23Jake | Yamalube Star Racing Yamaha
42143.02*29Tim Scholtes | PowerDream
42242.97718Pablo Bodineau | Team VRT 3as
42342.93977Joe Smith
42442.86*813Thibaud Bernard
42542.86*4Martin Hanssen | Team Yamaha
42642.86*2Krisko Burev|BULGARIA!
42942.86*314Johnny Wilder
43042.86*17Arvid Eriksen #17
43142.842Steny Lambert |FrenchMxsTeam| #2
43242.79651Anthony Dieu | Clever School
43342.66909Logan Erlewein | Rampage Team #909
43442.50*229Logan McNeil/Bloomington Powersports
43542.31*17joao santos
43642.11*440Martin CHELMAS
43742.11*48David Graf
43941.94115Arnaud Clause | AMJ Graphixx
44141.84*559Nicolo Rosano | Beuzi Team 559
44241.78259Maicky Valet | SKM Racing | OPEN
44341.67*70Kevin Schippers | VDLaar Racing
44441.67*21Florian Monteaud |
44541.67*838Marc Torres |Facebook/ Spanish MX Gamers
44641.67*12fra valayer
44741.45395frank benonit
44841.19777jean-christophe satney|BUD Racing
44941.18*680Christoffer Johansson
45041.18*817Ethan Lindley
45140.91*21Riley Hunt MotorSports
45240.86927Benjamin Dumont | NL Racing
45340.82*335Enzo Polias| JPL#55
45440.82*116Evan Pierron // EpicRide
45540.74*101Bryar Russell | Privateer
45640.72155Antoni Castellano | Noni
45740.62*121Marco Leerink| WEEKENDWARRIORSSS
45840.55270Tom Guyon | Privateer | #Tie La Famillle
45940.48*269John French
46040.37397Tom / F-Canne Racing
46140.00504Jarno Bleekman | Privateer
46240.00*23Sallard Quentin
46340.00*431Max Barancheev | Seven MX
46440.00*8=DElliot ringstrom|TWMX
46540.00*164Nick Lowry l K&M Racing
46640.00*727Dylan LAMANT Fr | Team L3R
46740.00*32Tom | Privateer
46840.00*816Christophe Borissenkoff
46940.00*65Austin Bounds | RGH Racing
47039.82211Benjamin Lebois | FCrew/Twola
47139.7013Teddy Bruno | BUD Racing
47239.47*711Mikey Benedict | RithMX
47339.44*910Scott Pugh | 101Designs
47439.13*42Charlie Razzell I CLC Yamaha
47539.0650Paul Hamon | Privateer
47639.02*111bruce gomes ( tchoug )
47838.6533Louis Cocquet | MXRF | LC Creations
47938.6112Richie Kramer
48038.49394Berre Brands #SleuvePreuve
48138.46319Kevin Letellier | Magic Racing
48238.46991YOHAN RIBO
48338.46*979Jimmy Leclair |
48438.46*294Kyle Lane | Stream:
48538.46*83Antoine Rabat | #83
48638.46*19Jordan Claxton | Monster Energy Yamaha
48738.33293geoffrey tremerie|privateer
48938.24*732Dorian FLORENT | Madcape | MXS Design'S
49038.10*684Mael Hermant | AKEN Visuals
49138.10*105Benj M | Spirit
49238.10*46Lionel Suchorab
49337.84156Alexis DARTUS | XTC factory
49437.84*242Josh Collins | FCA Offroad
49537.70666Patrick Corvisier|mx2|RH-Factory
49637.54100Cyril Magnin | BUD Racing
49737.50*19Niklas Ahlfors
49837.50*107Alex Eriksson | MDC | kryckan2
49937.50*10JP.Langevin #10 | Chile
50037.50*270Oliver Johansson
50137.50*151Geordie londrigan AMS RACING
50337.50*77Thomas Ball
50437.50*146Marcus Nilsen|privateer
50537.50*212PETIT Vincent
50637.50*83Yoann Chenavas
50737.48104Thomas Puillandre | Cherche Team
50837.41506Yoni Breysse | A-KEN | Skouad Ind.
50937.2961Luc Hertault / MxRF / LoOnyZz
51037.18*404Jonathan Daguet #404 | DMT Factory
51336.93991Warren Farcy | IZI Racing
51436.90958Levi Stringh | Fifty Eight Design
51536.85626Julien Toucheque | MFG Racing
51636.84*881Clement Walle| | FR | 881
51836.73216Julien Perez
51936.6017Dany Thiery | Slice Graphic'S
52036.36212Maxime Bourut | AMJ Graphixx | Twelve Design
52136.36*206[Blake Herzog 206] GOONMASTER
52236.36*33Santeri Eklund
52436.36*81Mats Orstad | 101Designs
52536.36*214Conner Pate | Gate Racing / ClubMX
52636.36*37Frankie Zounis
52736.30124Teddy Leman |CDS Racing| #124
52836.07*17Kevin Lelong
52936.00*468Kyel lins/MotoUnit
53035.82*572 Carlo Pelle | MagicRacing |
53135.71*301Jamie Needham
53235.48*815nathan ithier || privateer
53335.48*141Benjamin Lamblin #141
53435.29*22Simon Johansen #22 | Privateer
53535.29*27Josh Gilmore | WiLdSiDesigns (JGMX)
53635.29*83Jarryd Brown | Keyboarder
53735.09*69Mark Guy
53834.80108Nicolas Rampon
53934.62*123Garrett Pond #123
54034.48*860Charles Le Brazidec
54134.48*919Collin Blakita | BGFX
54234.48*220Patrick Klein Baltink | PKB Graphics
54334.41*Migsta(INSTA-@migsta26)/D&M Racing
54434.38*43garrett baker| GLB racing
54534.25111Timothe Lucas | TECHMOTO | 111 |
54634.21*251Alexis Lefevre | Bobby Racing
54733.88114Gregory Cornet | Privateer
54833.7711Julien Renard | TechEvo/Frisk.D
54933.68215Alex.Del |MxRF
55033.66991Alexander Nilsson
55133.62230Laurent Dumeaux | Titanium Racing Team
55233.60918lucas RENOUX | STAB Racing |
55433.3364Rob Claassen
55533.33216Dani Branderhorst | boktor
55633.33*944tim walch
55733.33*179Kristian Baso | Meta
55833.33*701TIM (NL)
55933.33*910Enzo Pedrosa | Team Zbeub Zbeub MX |
56033.33*153Brad Bower
56133.33*73Josh Walker | Privateer
56233.33*366Chase Herzog 366|Privateer|
56333.33*814Keven Lessard I Cherche Team
56633.33*221Stephen Quick | MotoRAD
56733.33*51Cody Maverick | Pro Action
56833.33*243eMIL bERGGREN
56933.33*769jeremy gadal
57033.33*157Kyren McCabe
57133.33*97Janik Voth | GuraxlerRacing
57233.33*386Bros|BM.Racing Team
57533.33*718Jack Bird
57633.33*399Brecht "Little Tank" Cortens | 347 Racing
57733.33*306bradley clay
57833.33*11Craig Leake | Evergood
58033.33*924Ashton Rakofsky | Thousand Oaks Yamaha
58133.22134Jim Charlier /CREEPY CREW
58233.15401Maxime Junier | Spirit
58333.0711florian baratange|privatee
58432.93*244MICKAEL RUEL #244
58532.76*298Guillaume Sinesi
58632.71620Kevin Lebrun | Team Singletracks| Frenchys Dist.
58732.62918lucas RENOUX |FR| cherche team
58832.61*65Robin Ambrosi | Privateer
58932.5475mario glorian
59032.51123Teddy PICHEREAU
59132.50*158Fredrik Ahlstrom| GASARN!
59232.4619 Corentin Bertrand | Azote'D
59332.43817Rasmus Akerberg #817| VCR
59432.39*989Nevala 989
59532.20*333Karl Hans Bammer | JNR Motorsports
59632.14*188Brandon Quigley | STS Racing
59732.08*17Alex Flandin | SET Motosport
59831.84543David ConceptgraffMxsTeam
59931.8240Marnicq Lambert#40/PRIVATE
60031.82*207Jean Defrancq | J&J Racing
60131.82*986Fredrik | NOR
60231.6480jeremy derrien | Team Singletracks
60331.58507Noa Vandendaele | XTCFactory
60431.58*926dustin Dilley
60531.419Camille Cassagne | Skouad Ind.
60631.3346Daniel van Tetering | Fifty Eight Designs
60831.18*88DECELAS Ryan | J3K Racing
60931.18922Arnaud WEREY
61031.14199Nico Da Silva Team Bud Racing
61131.03*131Leon Tye | HD Designs
61230.85*197Danny Fox | RFX KTM
61330.77*828Jack Simcock | Privateer
61430.77*2Ty duncan| im a noob
61530.77*14Vetle Melvold
61630.77*116Ryder Starick
61830.67*46albin karlsson
61930.4817Sebastien Martinez / Team Singletracks
62030.43425Maxime Rohee | MFG Racing
62130.4330Marvin Maes | MM30
62230.43*474LEOK MERKA|Privateer
62330.30*195Ronald Bangerl Racing
62430.29706Jordan Giacomin
62530.27677leo rondet|CDS racing|677
62630.26*200Payen Jean Baptiste
62730.16*134Max Jambon
62830.11*Romain Zam | Privateer | FR
62930.00*351Jared Polley/Mid-state Motorsports Husqvarna
63030.00*338nicolas thomas ~FR~ 338
63230.00*419Castaing Vivien | Elzio Ride
63330.00*125Ben Lee
63429.9994Theo Cavalli | FCrew/Twola #TC222#SWAG2GOON
63529.79*26Turin - SUI
63729.52650Benjamin Saves
63829.46144Jeremy Patrelle | TechMoto
64029.41*527ANDERS KIRIAL
64129.23199TanguyPellieux | 7k FACTORY | #199
64228.9989Sean L | Transmoto
64328.92*12Oskari Kokkoniemi
64428.80181ivan hehe exdee
64528.57777Lenaic PILORGET|privateer
64628.57*925Jerome Facquier |MTFactory|
64728.57*282Romain Ferrandiz | ligue de provence
65028.57*310Ben Dallan
65128.57*88Cody Akers | Concept Decals/TBC
65228.57*211jabarcus schmmezleltron | winnning that mental game
65328.57*435Kyle Gonzalez | Privateer
65428.57*304Justin Smedley | Tier 1 Designs
65528.57*96Ryan Witlox
65628.57*290Tom McHugh | Toms Lawn Repairs
65728.57*919BOLLNAS/Dani Hristov stream
65828.04847Arthur.Dallan #847
65928.00*15Antoine Mouqueron| 7K FACTORY | #15
66028.00*14Daniel | Privateer
66127.93310DELBOS Maxime
66327.78*216Izaak | SKDesigns
66527.78*28Harvey Isborne/Vesper Motorsports
66627.72905damien pineau
66727.27*96Oliverson Jockson
66827.27*61Richard Weaver
66927.27*136Lars Richter | BLUME RACING
67027.14*700Fred Ascenzi | DTR Racing
67127.1187Damien SINTURET|STAB Racing
67227.0193Arthur Theisen | MFG Racing
67326.92*917Viktor | The kids racing
67426.74*136Eemeli Vilppunen
67626.67*901bosseboeuf romain
67926.62990Jerome waltis/grandzen/RH FACTORY
68126.53521Malone Acosta Vialle
68326.03*122Michael Bridier/HVA Racing#122
68425.70505loris troesch|2Fast
68525.5713Theo Boulanger|RH-Factory|BAGUETTE
68625.30102David Maspeyre | Delta
68725.29*142Nathan Prin/142/NVR racing
68825.18297Osric.S | Os'Design'Mxs | #297
68925.00*311Patrik Jonas | Czech Republic Racing Team | #311
69025.00*92Lupo Anthony | Team MotoONE | #92 | FR
69125.00*991Niklas Reichstein
69425.00*192josh edgington
69525.00*22Rogan McIntosh | HIC Racing
69625.00*417Harry White | Privateer
69725.00*907Da cruz yohann|MXM 410
69825.00*222Terry Ewers
69925.00*325Kevin Towells
70025.00*326Axel Pierson | Skouad Ind.
70125.00*39luc perrot
70225.00*22Hutson Hilburn| Privateer
70425.00*215BRENDAN R
70525.00*514Kevin Bourquin | Honda C2SPORT
70725.00*23Josh Farmer | L.L.R. Motosports Suzuki
70825.00*943Karl Thunberg | Holly Tek Racing
70925.00*45Zack Tallman | Privateer
71025.00*994Johan Hagg
71125.00*67Bryce Whealon | BGFX
71225.00*70Jake Rose | Architech
71324.90360Arthur ROCHE | ACF
71424.896Kilien Cadeau | TSL Design TL Racing.MxS Team | FR |
71524.68*85Tim Vredegoor | DVT Media
71624.32*91linus englund | motosport hillsboro
71724.3131Mateo NEGREL | MDesign Production
71824.24*151Dalton venter//D&M Factory KTM Racing
71924.24*522William Ranck | Vesper Yamaha
72024.18*13Guillaume Ravaud | CLEVERSCHOOL
72124.06701gwenael charpentier
72224.02166Kevin Meyer | MTFactory
72323.65277Baptiste Bordes |Team SRT Factory|#277
72423.5301Matt Stewart
72523.36711Florian Davoust #711
72723.2718Erwan Dupre|MXRF|Five Design's|
72823.08*150Brap buds | GoPro Racing
72923.08*30Clayton Coaker - No Team
73023.08*922Nils Peterle
73123.08*812Guillaume ESTEBAN|MXM 410
73222.90457Lucas ROUSSEAU/ PRIVATE
73322.45*35Rick Wennekes| JTX KTM RACING
73522.22*302Mikkel Enevoldsen|XFR Motorsports
73622.22*561Martin Munoz | Spanish MX Gamers
73722.22*29Max Gissibl
73822.22*999Brandon Fowler#29
74022.20711Hugo Huyet
74122.1522Vanou Kira/ French Nation Racing/22
74221.9536Mathias Gauderon / Skouad Fun
74321.88*84Remy Dourlen|84|NVR racing
74421.74*53Alexi Decordier
74521.49926Samuel |FrenchMxsTeam| #926
74721.3886Remi Quievryn | Team Singletracks
74821.05*412Mariano Escobar EBR Team
74920.83194Johan.B | Os' Design' Mxs | #194
75020.63818Thomas SIESSE
75120.39922Dylan Brard | Privateer
75220.3756Mathieu Amorisini / Team ?
75420.00*27Arminas Jasikonis | TMFR
75520.00*442stefan loomes
75620.00*56Mike Stralo I / Race Tech
75720.00*111Erwin Barlet
75920.00*142Billy Kunitz | CycleWorks Suzuki
76020.00*700Aleksander Silva
76120.00*Fynn Schwab
76219.82305Antonin Narquet / SET Motosport
76319.67*502Maxime feray | CREEPY CREW | 502
76419.61116Mathieu Thirion| NL Racing
76519.05*85Duverge Jeremy | Jerem mx du 85
76619.05*66Marshall Tanner #66|Privateer
76718.75*44Corentin Quillio
76818.75*935Florian GAZAIGNE/TEAM HUSKY rockstar
76918.35Lasse Rahbek 23|Danish viking
77018.18*120Jarrett Wright
77118.18*301Julian Latey | Jagazz
77418.18*21Jake Carter |
77518.18*224stany COHENDY | TEAM BAMS
77718.18*21Nathan Cohen | CLEVER SCHOOL
77817.97319Toe Fugier | Five Design's
77917.9723Hugo ABBANI | Os'Design'Mxs
78017.75177Timoty leveque| CDS racing |
78317.39*68joe motorcross
78417.37272Sebastien Shillingford#272
78616.7926Florent Malouda | IZI Racing
78716.67*216Joey V Wessel | TBM Design
78916.67*815Tanner Scalvini - Moto Squid Gaming
79016.67*186Ben Gibson
79116.67*128James Beston
79416.67*568Max Palsson Kawasaki | Gariboldi
79516.67*21Josh Ashton
79616.67*21Surkyn | FR
79716.67*852Joe Motocross
79816.67*744Dean Reymen
79916.60422Julien Antunes | Spirit
80016.54371Quentin Wilmouth|CleverSchool
80116.13*124Gary Bingaman | Vesper Yamaha
80216.07*921kilian vanoverschelde
80415.79*403Reio Peilman
80515.79*77Rouffinet Sulymane | Spirit
80615.73*17allan chaumont
80815.44380morvan tardivel
80915.38*197Jake Dylan | Yo Mom Racing
81015.38*33Mattias Jansson|Dirtbrothers SWE
81115.38*112Jerome Richard 112 FR
81215.38*28Christian Costalas | ProStyle
81315.00*910Thomas Lavi | FrenchNationRacing | 910 |
81414.80279Theo Plommet / PRIVATE /
81514.63*172Kevin van den Broek | KBDesign
81614.55711Florian FONTAINE | TSL Design TL Racing.MxS Team
81814.29*10Meykens Jaimy | FastHouse mx racing
81914.29*134Max Constans
82014.29*266Foster MX/ YT/#266
82114.29*25RickyBoy /// Always Fucking Around ;)
82214.29*94Kamil Briszke
82314.29*920Caio Gustavo
82414.29*Hunter Porter
82514.29*55Roberto Dieguez | FoxHead 55
82614.29*Timmy ToughBlock | Team Appleland
82714.29*221Dylan Hale | Privateer
82914.29*260Sirugo #260
83014.29*85Dirt Trip
83114.06*Jerry Hunion / Privateer
83213.79*281lars nijenhuis #281
83313.64*61sam laute
83413.51*389Anthone MICHEL | TEAM BAMS
83513.41118Alexis Tarazona#118 | team srt factory |
83613.16*486Thiago Pereira#noob | Brazil
83712.50*388Julien Vero
83912.50*115Kees Mortimer | SevenMX Suzuki |
84012.50*171jacob lyons | NOVA GFX
84112.50*85Hazz Mazz 85
84212.31*72Agris Siksna
84311.76*237Bryan Hedge | MotoMods/Neff KTM
84411.76*125Hugo Schz
84811.11*479Benjamin Carpentier/GB TEAM
84911.11*103Wowra #103 / BackyardDesigns
85111.11*66jake parker
85211.11*11Valentyn Detry /DTR Factory Racing /111
85310.71*248Jorn Peeters | Privateer
85410.71*851Kobe Herrick | Privateer
85510.14*137Kyle West
85610.00*323Joe TRAVIS
85710.00*03bikelife frex
85910.00*351jono hewitt
86110.00*150Turd Ferguson
86210.00*325Romain Sacepe
8649.72*888Matthew#888|Team SRT Factory
8659.4270Paco.R | recherche team | #170
8669.1787Pierre Ridard 43 |Slice Graphic's
8679.09*58Matteo Ardoin|#58|HK'Racing
8689.09*261Mads Haahr
8699.09*338Gracjan Wrona
8718.93266Lasse Andersen Denmark
8728.62*444bossuet sylvain
8737.987Mehdi Kennouda | Spirit |7
8747.69*814christian jonse| Payne Powersports #814
8757.69*136Kevin Shingledecker|Privateer
8767.69*212Lewis Kay
8777.32*585clement kirsch|FiveDesig'n
8787.14*61Jonathan Tomlin
8796.25*310Lucas Quero
8806.25*30Madis Lepikov
8835.88*126Adam Hopwood
8855.00*20Desmarchelier Florian #Team Evolution
8863.03*158Simone Santini
8870.00*212Jake Moszyk | Privateer
8880.00*24Luis Valentin
8890.00*728MURRAY-MX7 Racing Team
8900.00*22Thibault Konrath
8910.00*133Dray Smith
8920.00*562Fredrik Carlsson | GoPro Racing
8930.00*382Logan Russell|Privateer
8940.00*215Dallas McConnell | FlexMoto | Manager
8950.00*134Alessio Ciani | PowerDream
8960.00*624garett crose
8990.00*11StoneyBologne420/looking for a team
9000.00*555Timothy Van Dyk|Divisions Racing Team
9010.00*298Nicolas Trieau | PRIVATE
9020.00*92Rauan Brito
9030.00*1Miika Kiviranta
9050.00*94Rhys Peterson AMS RACING
9080.00*317Cody Branson | BentleyGFX
9090.00*384Cedric Gruenwald | MSC Oberhaus Racing
9100.00*146Jaiden Potter
9110.00*295Brandon Crase
9140.00*113Tyler Smith | HP Race Development
9150.00*129Bobby Bonds - FAMmx/Race Tech
9160.00*45Jonathan Hughes | Architech
9180.00*709Mikey B
9190.00*114Ian Webb
9200.00*471Emil Jonrup Kawasaki|Garaboldi
9220.00*310ryan hudson/CrossRut Motosports
9240.00*999Joe Motocross
9250.00*11Ferran Arnau
9260.00*236Dylan Blumenstein
9270.00*103Corentin LEVENES/ CLEVER SCHOOL
9280.00*24Martin Constant | #24 | MX24 | FR
9300.00*461Romain Febvre
9310.00*99Evade | Makita suzuki
9340.00*44Tyson Craig
9350.00*232Jack Gibson Barton|Groovy Gang|
9360.00*ayyLiapuld Gornin
9370.00*32frederic pellon
9380.00*298Alec Ohlaker | MotoaZo298
9390.00*11Nick Sedlarik | Cake Farts Racing
9400.00*71Hunter Karnz
9410.00*730Blake 730
9420.00*322Kyle Aanonsen | Crossfade
9430.00*761Michael Mudge
9440.00*610Rateliff 610 | FLIPZCO
9450.00*513Oliver Gjerding | MOTOWorld
9460.00*178Faure Quentin#178|Privater
9470.00*97Sheepy ! #97
9480.00*23Patrick Clementini
9490.00*133Cameron Mitchell|LB Racing
9500.00*48Ali Meadows
9510.00*69Steezy Steve #69 IBlizzard mx
9520.00*841Alef team PV Industries
9530.00*5Christian Reed | Archon Racing
9540.00*837Ryan Hass| TwoEightyNine
9550.00*986jacob wooden|C.O.C.Rmx
9560.00*68Olle Sundberg | Mitas Racing
9580.00*420Daan | Privateer
9600.00*134Jakob Hellkvist #134 | TavellaBrosRacing
9620.00*222Dustin Chrest / Red Bull Ktm / 222
9630.00*4Sebastiaan Kolmschate
9640.00*285Brandon Clark | Privateer
9650.00*91CANTE Nicolas Private FR
9660.00*43Gavin Higgins|Privateer
9670.00*999Joe Motocross
9680.00*999Joe Motocross
9690.00*796David Jakobsson | MFG Racing
9700.00*2Kutter #2
9710.00*627Keyper Holt
9720.00*528Larry Enticer | Ethika Honda
9730.00*777Jeremiah Titus | Crushed MX
9740.00*598Baptiste Rulot
9750.00*Daniel Masker
9760.00*6Billy Britt | 6 |
9770.00*292Greg McCann | Team Ankle Monitor
9780.00*728Quentin Durot | #728
9790.00*517Magnus Hastrup
9800.00*983Alexander Eriksson Looking for TEAM
9820.00*94Laurent / MxRF /
9830.00*147Dillen Watson
9850.00*69Ben Dover
9870.00*30Justin Brown
9880.00*712Mateo Nicholls
9890.00*999Joe Motocross
9900.00*117Rob Johnson
9910.00*762onni Jormanainen
9920.00*322Trevor Olson
9930.00*201Olavi Karttunen
9940.00*24Joel Evans | Privateer
9950.00*282Dan Webb
9960.00*999Joe Motocross
9970.00*709Mikey B
9990.00*55Benjamin Fordree
10000.00*199Hunter McClung|Prototype Racing
10010.00*5Sven Giesbers | DVT Media
10020.00*879Anton Karlsson |*** Swedish Match
10030.00*329marc hechard Honda French Team(HFT)
10040.00*64corby- sheep fucker
10050.00*17Merien Moelker | privateer
10060.00*745Jack Mowry | Privateer
10070.00*99Jack Curtis |Blizzard Mx |
10080.00*Jost Strucelj|slovenija||#62|MX2|Professional Lapper
10090.00*182Billy Butterworth
10100.00*360Mark Lorymer
10110.00*16Adas Papievis | Blue Naranjas
10120.00*159Bailey Webb - Total Trade
10140.00*175Jack Diduch | 5 Hour Energy
10150.00*523Correa (Argentina)
10160.00*222dimitri desaphy
10170.00*5Owen adams
10180.00*212kyle chapman\burt and billy racing
10190.00*222 Jessie Hill | The Rutted News Channel
10200.00*169Ryan Stoll | VS Racing
10210.00*57Doryan Calaca
10220.00*Trevor DiBasilio | Motopro Graphics
10230.00*914Benny Hallam | yardn
10240.00*245Andrew Jennings | MadCape #bongrippa
10260.00*269halocd | DM Slide Breaker
10270.00*622Matt Vince 622
10280.00*124Bryce Castonguay | MotoPlayground
10290.00*511Joshua Campa | Rutted Racing Co
1031-151Garre Bear #151
1032-292Kegan Ewoldt
1033-873Daryen Crawford|5 Eleven Designs
1034-132Gucci Monster
1035-155Nesterenko Oleg|Fox Ukraine
1036-118Kyle Howard | HRC Factory Honda
1038-219Aleix Canals|JAVO motorsports
1039-701Kyle Marr | Privateer
1040-774Tyler Maillet | Vesper Yamaha
1041-860Jake Juett | TCD Racing
1042-12rick harrison
1043-1Hunter Root
1044-410Robert Burgess
1045-118|Team Husqvarna France CARH|CHARCZY Tanguy|#118|
1046-37Ryan Mahan | SplitFire SparkPlugs
1047-215Thomas Gowans
1048-Will Harris | ECM
1049-464Vincent Thibaut
1050-510Kyle Biggs | Privateer
1051-390Joe Faggot
1052-36Igor Alves | Yamaha Gopro
1053-7Aironas Bukauskas l Race Nation Designs
1054-22Alec Floyd || WFO Racing
1055-33Caleb Landgrebe | looking for a team
1056-420Barry Mcockener
1057-69Neil Fitzpatrick
1058-35sim the sender
1061-24Jacob Gosche | Holly Tek Racing
1063-792Cameron Perkins | WCP Racing/Mindplugs
1064-127GoldRyder |France|#127

* Less than 100 opponents.

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