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MX Simulator Demo 1.8

Includes three tracks.

MX Simulator now defaults to "Arcade Physics" mode. It can be turned off in the Bike Setup menu for more challenging and realistic gameplay.

Installer for Windows: mxsimulator-demo-1_8-install.exe

Gzipped tar file for Linux: mxsimulator-demo-1_8-linux-x86.tar.gz

MX Simulator 1.9 update (for registered users only)

This update will patch version 1.8 up to version 1.9. To use this, the full 1.8 version must already be installed. It will not work on the demo version.

Window users: mxsimulator-1_9-update.exe
Linux users (untar this in your install directory): mxsimulator-1_9-linux-x86-update.tar.gz

Changes since 1.8:

Prior updates:
Version 1.8: Windows, Linux
Version 1.7: Windows, Linux
Version 1.6: Windows, Linux
Version 1.5: Windows, Linux
Version 1.4: Windows, Linux
Version 1.3: Windows, Linux
Version 1.2: Windows, Linux
Version 1.1: Windows, Linux